Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Soda pop review: Fizzy Lizzy Yakima Valley Grape

Where I got it:
 I found this soda at Liberty Heights, which is a little market specializing in local and organic food. It looks to be in an old garage because the entrance is gigantic (and therefore is probably a garage door). This place is great; in addition to the soda I bought some heirloom tomatoes, onions, zucchini, and pepper to make a veggie sandwich. It was delectable. I would suggest visiting this place if you haven't already. 

History: Fizzy Lizzy is actually the name for several drinks produced by the company. Inspired to mix juice and seltzer water, inventor Lizzy Morrill began selling the drink eight years ago. It is touted as being healthier than soda, with no extra sugar or corn syrup added. The drink actually has 40 calories less than the drink I reviewed last week, as well as 11 grams of sugar less. Curiously, it has slightly more sugar than the Dublin Dr. Pepper. 

Appearance: The label is clear plastic with a design on it. On the front there is a girl (Lizzy?) who looks maybe Turkish or slightly Middle Eastern to me. The lettering also conveys that idea. You could also describe it as looking Art Deco. On the neck of the bottle it says, "Gently shake my hips before placing bottle to your lips". Awesome. 

Taste: The flavor was unmistakably grape. I don't usually like grape sodas, but this one has a sharp and rich taste. The seltzer water instead of carbonation made the drink less fizzy, but still with enough zing to make it fun. It didn't feel as heavy as the other drinks. I didn't get a sugar buzz from this drink, so I also didn't get the corresponding crash. 

Verdict: This drink is definitely healthier than soda. It contained 51% juice, which is a step up from traditional soda. I don't know if Coca Cola would taste as good with seltzer water, but maybe they should give it a try. I would recommend this drink for someone who wants something healthy but still fizzy. The drink would be good to take for a picnic on a hot day. 

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