Thursday, June 26, 2008


It has been another exhausting day. I signed a lease for an apartment so I have been drinking some champagne to celebrate. I'll talk more about it later.

I wanted to tell you about a podcast I have been listening to since December. I am on a constant quest to find good podcasts to listen to and I think The Overnightscape is one of the best. It originally attracted me because of its long episodes. I was working 12 hour shifts and I could use all the distractions I could handle. I was drawn in by the variety of topics being discussed. The podcast is hosted by Frank Edward Nora and is a monologue most of the time, although he does occasionally have guests on. I enjoyed hearing him broadcast from the streets of New York City (literally, you can hear the cars honking and the people talking). He describes what he sees, his past memories and sometimes even his dreams. Product reviews are a frequent addition to the show. You see life through his eyes, and although it is colored by his own experiences and biases it only serves to make the view much more unique.

The Overnightscape Underground consists of Frank's various adventures, from distant malls to tunnels and street fairs. It perfectly encompasses the feeling of a journey because he records all of the ambient noise you might encounter had you taken the journey itself. Despite the fact that this is audio and not visual Frank summons a more than adequate description of his surroundings to enable you to see where he is in your mind's eye.

This podcast is a great piece of contemporary culture that should not be missed. It has inspired me to experiment with other media to express myself. Hopefully when my life has calmed down some more I'll be able to do more. In the mean time, check out The Overnightscape here.

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Alex G said...

I just started listening to this and it's great. Thanks for posting this, I'm always looking for another podcast to kill off my public transit time.