Saturday, September 27, 2008


Or at least competent enough in the lab. I finished six sessions yesterday and had no real problems. By the end my voice was somewhat hoarse but that was the only side effect. I enjoyed keeping everything filed and running the subjects. I ran a total of 17 people which was more than all the other research assistants for the week.

I have a feeling running the experiment week after week will get boring but at least it's a small change from the rest of my schedule. Next semester I might get more involved in preparing the second phase of this study, which would be cool to experience.

In other news I got my coat in the mail today. It's grey (I'm spelling it that way because it came from Britain), wool and clasped with toggle buttons. It is supposed to be vintage too, whatever that means. Often someone will label clothing vintage even though it was recently manufactured. This coat smelled old though, so I'm going to risk saying that it is actually old. I bought it for about $180. It would have been less had I gotten it in England but what can you do about the economy...I think it looks adequately like a coat Doctor Who might wear to satisfy me. I'm going to start putting random things in the pockets soon.

My dream last night was really awesome. It was long, so I'll summarize it: after abandoning a friend's car on the road because it wouldn't make it up a hill, we get stuck on a dead end road. Someone's bull-dozed the road, making a big pit! They've left a note stating that we can drive over the logs made into a road, but I don't see how. As we walk around the logs we notice plenty of farms with rolling hills, run-down barns and open fields. I comment that I would like to live here, especially since it is so close to the city. Later on in the dream I go to a bar set underneath a rooftop parking garage. It was really open and must have been from the 1960's. It was awesome. I decided to take a panorama of it so I started walking home to get my camera. On the way back I ran across some things someone had dropped. I found an old camera, pins from World War Two and a cool leather case. I carried it all home.

I'm sure that dream was really only fascinating to me. Sometimes I wish I had the memory to remember plenty of details from my dreams because then I could potentially make that awesome bar. It would help if I had a ton of money to make it too. What I like the most is when I have a dream and it is so vivid that I can still see it after I wake up. I had a dream about furniture that was clear enough that I could draw the furniture later on. I can definitely understand how people get inspired by their dreams to make great things.

Friday, September 26, 2008

First Day Lab Jitters!

I'm about to start my first day of running subjects and I'm pretty nervous. I think it will go well because I've run through the protocol several times and I have everything written down, but until I go through at least one session I'm going to be nervous. I almost had a little snafu involving the key to get into the lab, but that was all taken care of. It would have been a disaster had I not been able to get in here at all!

I'll be in here until five, although I do have a two hour break in between sessions. Most of the people coming in should be freshmen, so they just want to get things done and leave. No questions. It's how I like it. The only thing I'm really worried about is getting the subject numbers mixed up. I think that as long as I stay calm I'll be fine.

I never thought I would be helping in a scientific study. It still kind of blows my mind. I'm not doing too much right now but maybe in the future I will have a bigger role. I don't know. I'll let you know how everything goes.

Monday, September 22, 2008

New Ghost Cake episode: Obama Rama!

The latest episode of the show should be coming onto iTunes shortly. If you want to get it from my podomatic page, then I think you go to Anyway, leave your comments or questions here.

I will hopefully have another regular episode of Ghost Cake on Thursday, but don't hold your breath. I had some difficulties getting it recorded. It makes me yearn for the day when I'll be out of school. This is my last year!

Also, I got a doggy on Sunday. He is cute. I'll talk about him later.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Ghost Cake episode: Greek Festival

In which you will hear my attempts to eavesdrop on people, eat gyros, win fish and eventually go searching for a Doctor Who style overcoat. I still haven't found one. If you haven't listened to my show yet I'd like to tell you to go to iTunes and type in Ghost Cake to find it. Or, you can find it at

If you want to post questions or comments, do it here! Thanks.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rock-afire Explosion!

I nearly died laughing as I watched this movie.

If you ever went to Showbiz Pizza you know these fellas. They would perform every hour or so while everybody downed pizza. I was scared to death of them. I also loved them. I would try to get the courage to go touch one of them before the start of the show but I would inevitably take too long and they would start up right as I was near them.

When Showbiz Pizza got bought out by Chuck E. Cheese I think the performances got worse. Is that restaurant closed now? There's a documentary coming out soon about this guy in Alabama who has a working set of these robots in his backyard. I guess they've all been sitting in a warehouse in Florida.

I'm so happy I heard about this one.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'd never eat a cake with a beard

And neither should you. But take a look at this little movie, mmkay?

It's from You can find all sorts of random things on that website. It's like a virtual library. They even have the movie Reefer Madness on it! I particularly like the old books with great illustrations and the cartoons.

Oh, I'm on twitter now! If you are on there, search for ghostcake (one word!) and you'll find me. I'll be updating constantly, I promise.

Time to go to Judo class.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dealing with an obsession

I have a particular fondness for buying stuff in thrift stores. The charm of a previously used object is sometimes just too much for me. There are so many unique things in the world. There is definitely a practical side to my obsession: stuff at thrift stores is often cheaper and in just as good condition as new items. Just two or three dollars can get you awesome mugs, bowls or anything. I think having a wide variety of stuff can be interesting and is a good way to show off your personality. I'm mostly interested in dishes from the 60's onward as I like the design and the bright colors.

I got that yellow bowl at the DI. I had intended to try to sell it, but I like it too much to part with it. The white container is great to store salt in, and that blue bowl is always a crowd pleaser.

These mugs are amazing! I got them at the DI too. Joey and I both have our favorites (mine is the fake Mastercard mug). The coffee just seems to taste better in them.

These containers are a find of Joey's, and I'm a little jealous of them. They are so vibrant!

I really like the idea of someone coming into my apartment and seeing some of these things because you probably couldn't find them in other apartments. I always have a story to tell about how I found them. The idea that all of my dishes would be the same is scary. Where's the uniqueness? I would prefer to be eccentric than uniform.

I think I've gotten a little too interested in finding things though. I have too many bowls to be used and too many casserole dishes. If you've read one of my previous posts you'll see that I attempted to sell some stuff on eBay a while ago. It was a bust. I have made it a goal to sell all of my excess items though and I intend to do it! I've told myself that I won't buy anything new to sell until I get rid of my current items.

These are the mugs I'm going to sell. I particularly like the red one. Two of them are Fire King and the other two are some glassbake stuff. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping they sell because I need to prove to myself that I can actually sell stuff. I've learned from my previous attempt and so I'm going to do better this time.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I Might Be Stealing Someone's Idea

I'm trying to come up with a title for a section of my show where I feature a horrorific story of my creation. I thought of The Undesirables but when I put that into a search engine I got the following videos. They don't appear to be related in any way except that maybe the dorky man's misogyny caused the second woman to feel bad. 

The first movie is simply hilarious. I love that this guy has such an inferiority complex that he has to come up with some conspiracy why he can't get a date. And here's something to think about: if the Illuminati is really going to kill all of the obese people, wouldn't that mean they'd have to kill at least half the U.S. population? I'm going to be watching my weight. This sorry fellow has about 370 videos, most of which detail his frustrations with women. In the background you can see a twin bed in what appears to be a basement. It's hard to get the hot chicks to come home with you if you have to drag them down to your mom's basement.

I don't think the second movie is particularly funny, but I do like the host. She's pretty mystical. Beautiful women feeling bad about their bodies is pretty fucked up (any woman feeling bad is fucked up too, women are special people).

In any event, I've decided against The Undesirables for now. Maybe The Unpleasants or The Horrifics? I'm going to have to sleep on it. 

Also, I've moved my show to Podomatic so that I may be able to release it on iTunes. And guess what, it's there! If you open iTunes and type in ghost cake it should appear. I have a new episode on there with one more in the works.