Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Did You Fill Out Your Cortisol Diary?

Just a short entry for now, to keep with my promise. I am tired but I wanted to talk a little about the study I just participated in. It was about couples.

Ok, that's all I'm putting for now. Although no time will pass for you, between this line and the next I'll have gone to bed, woken up, and began typing again.

I have returned. The study took about three hours to complete. They measured us using electrodes and heart rate. They also took our cortisol levels several times throughout the night. The scary thing about cortisol is that too much of it can kill cells in the hippocampus, which regulates the amount of cortisol in the first place. In that way, even more cortisol can be produced, exacerbating the whole predicament.

I'm interesting in knowing how everything turned out. There hasn't been much studying with gay couples and I think more should be done. They will be checking back with us in a year to see if we are still together. I will be interested to see where our relationship is at that stage as well.

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