Friday, May 30, 2008

Japanese Woman Comes Out of Closet

I loved this article. It's a story about a homeless Japanese woman who lived in a man's closet for a year without the guy knowing. He eventually figured it out when food began to disappear. This article emphasizes how much space exists in a person's home that they don't see very often. Before my mom sold our house she and I were the only people living there, alongside the three vacant bedrooms. Months went by before I went into some of the bedrooms in the basement. Someone could have easily lived there. 

How much space is too much space? I am usually struck by the immensity of some houses (the Biltmore estate, for example), but at the end of the day I think all that unused space is a waste. You couldn't possibly need so many bedrooms, gardens and ballrooms.  

And how creepy is it to think that someone could be living in your closet without your knowledge? I wonder how easy it is to get into a house undetected. A person could be stalking you in your own home right now! Check your closets! Look under your rugs! I almost want to try it myself. Not for the creep factor, for scientific reasons. 

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Alex G said...

One time when I was six I was convinced that there were people living in our house without our knowledge because I could hear them talking, and then I figured out that it was because my dad kept leaving his walkman on with the sound really far up because he does not know how to use almost anything that might be considered remotely technological in nature. Basically I mistook the Clash for secretive human chattering.
Good times.