Monday, June 23, 2008

Dinosaur Cheerleaders

This evening has seen the end of yet another day of searching for apartments. Joey and I made a goal of moving out by the end of June and so we have been tirelessly searching for a place. We have walked through around ten apartments and have looked at online and called infinitely more. At this point all of the ads are starting to look the same.

So far, no luck. We did find a place that we really liked, with lots of room and a cool fireplace, but so did several other people. We weren't picked, and I kind of feel like I've just been rejected. For several days after we got the news we weren't getting the place I felt like I should go see the apartment and yell at it, or ask it to give us a second chance. And then I came to the conclusion that the best revenge is living well. When I run into the apartment at the grocery store, I will look so confident that it will feel bad.

Finding a good apartment (or anywhere to live, for that matter) is a lot like getting into a relationship. You have to make sure that you will enjoy being in the apartment for the long term, not just now. You can't be dazzled by superficial good looks; you must look deeper. There is another apartment we have in mind and we have turned in applications. But, we are looking at a few more too. It's good to play the field.

The other half of moving in is moving out. I have begun the seemingly herculean task of sorting through and boxing everything. I am glad that I don't have very many things to pack away, but I do have plenty of big objects. I had to go through my collection of origami I've folded over the past few years and decide which ones to keep and which ones to recycle. It was like Schindler's list...without the Nazis. Every day my apartment looks more and more bare. All of my things, which gave the place a certain feel and personality are going away. I like to think that I will leave a lasting legacy on this apartment though. I did paint. Hopefully the next person who moves in will leave their fingerprints too.

Please wish me luck. We hope to apply for a few more places while we wait to hear about another place we've applied for. With a little bit of unicorn blood, we can make it happen...


Alex G said...

I'm glad there were no Nazis involved in the disposal of your origami.

Kat =^^= said...

I'm in the middle of an Apartment search m'self. My partner and I are moving closer to my work and her school. When you're done with ya'll's Unicorn blood, might I have a bit? And maybe some of your Schindlerism, as I don't have the heart to part with, well, any of my books.

May I ask a question? Living in SLC, were you ever mormon? I grew up as a mo' and will be a mo' no mo'... more.

Yeah. End random post.


mummy.danger said...

I was raised a mo mo but I officially left the church when I was 18. It was a good experience, the leaving I mean.

Good luck on your search! As of now I have actually found a place. It was such a relief to have it before the end of the month. I'll send you some unicorn blood.