Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cat Burglar

This is a photo of the culprit who broke into my apartment. I arrived from my new apartment to find this guy sitting on the couch, looking serene. He was a very friendly kitty and I figured he was somehow attached to my roommate. I texted my roommate and while waiting for a response I took a shower.

It turned out that my roommate didn't know the cat. In fact, he wasn't exactly sure how it got into the place. I managed to take a decent picture of it with my computer and then I picked up the cat to leave it outside. One of my neighbors told me that the cat had been around a couple of times before. Maybe he had been casing out the place. I managed to carry him just a few feet when he decided that a human sedan wasn't his style and he jumped out. I left him, figuring he was a cat and could figure out how to get home.

We had breakfast and walked back to the old apartment. After we got into the building we heard a jingling noise, and saw the cat coming down the stairs. This time we managed to get a hold of the owner and subsequently dropped the cat off at his home.

I kind of liked playing kitty delivery service. I like animals, and this guy was a real adventurer. He had decided to sneak into my apartment to see the great unknowns contained therein. He was nice and soft. I kind of wish I was a cat and could spend my days wandering the neighborhood exploring things.

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