Sunday, May 25, 2008

Have you been feeling like you absolutely need to draw on the computer, but you also want to share your talent with others? Well, thank the flying spaghetti monster for  This site is basically a gigantic interwebby sheet of paper to draw on. You select your color and size of pencil, and let your superior mouse drawing skills commence. 

I tried to get some pictures that had been created, but I couldn't figure out how to download them. There are plenty to look at on the site and it's pretty exciting to watch some illustrations being born right before your eyes. The skill level of those drawing seems to range from beginner (that's me) and super artiste. 

And, if you are worried that won't be appropriate for your six year-old sister and your 80 year-old grandma (whom you are both babysitting), don't worry. They don't allow any curse words or naughty drawings. 

This website is great to sit and watch. The most random pictures come up. And, although they don't advertise this, maybe if you find an artist you adore you can shower them with compliments and start some sort of obsession. We all need an obsession to foster, don't we? 


Alex G said...

Finally, something I can do whilst babysitting my grandmother AND younger sibling! Thank the flying spaghetti monster indeed.

Alex G said...

I must admit that upon visiting stinkerdoodle, I have found it to be more addictive than crack. Thanks, Geoff.

mummy.danger said...

No problem. I need to go on there more often and leave small masterpieces.