Friday, May 30, 2008

Soda pop review: Fitz's Root Beer

Where I got it: Soda gallery, again. I'm going to try to get some Mexican soda for next week. 

History: Fitz's Root Beer is bottled by Fitz (wow) in St. Louis. It's actually microbrewed in the restaurant.

Appearance: The label is paper, which looks cheaper than labels printed directly on the bottle. The design itself reminds me of burger places from the 50's, and that was the environment in which the root beer was produced. I like the name Fitz; it sounds like fizz or spritz.

Taste: I am seriously considering writing a letter to my congressman to advocate the return to cane sugar to sodas. Fitz was much sweeter than the A&W root beer I'd had earlier. The soda had a creamy head as well. The soda tasted crisp. It was even better once I began my dinner of macaroni and cheese. I know beer goes well with food, but I never thought about root beer being the same way. 

The verdict: There wasn't anything that seriously detracted from this soda. It was sweet and thirst-quenching. I enjoyed it, and I hope to be able to find a tasty root beer bottled near me. 

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