Thursday, May 22, 2008

Soda pop review: Cheerwine

 I have decided to write a review of a new soda every week. My requirements to try a certain soda will include the following:

  • It must be a soda I haven't tried before, or in a different form than I've tried
  • It must be exotic or a limited edition
  • It must be soda, not alcohol
Cheerwine will be my first review.

Where I got it: I got this soda, and four others, from a website called
This is the web component of an actual store in Texas that sells all sorts of regional soda. All of 
the sodas are in glass bottles. 

History: Produced by the Carolina Beverage Company since 1917, Cheerwine is named for it's
cherry flavor and burgundy color. It has an unusually high amount of carbonation. The
product is primarily sold in the South, but as I said, you can get it from the soda gallery. Cheerwine
sold in glass bottles contains sugar cane, unlike the soda in plastic bottles.

Appearance: As you can see from the picture, the bottle is larger than average and has a shape
similar to Coke bottles, except the sides are straight. I like the logo; to me it looks very 1930's. 
The label itself is painted or printed on the bottle, which looks better than paper labels. 

The taste: This soda has a cherry flavor, much like Dr. Pepper. It is a little more fruity and less 
sour than said cola. The aftertaste also has more cherry to it. This soda is made with sugar cane
instead of processed corn syrup, so it tastes sweeter to me. It wasn't so fizzy that it felt like
mouthwash or anything, which was a plus. The high amount of carbonation did mean that it was
difficult to drink quickly however.

The verdict: Cheerwine tastes better than its major company competitors for several reasons. 
I could taste cherry much better than I can with Dr. Pepper. It is also less fizzy, which makes it 
easier to drink. The only major drawback was that the soda was pretty sweet and I couldn't drink 
it all at once. A good soda to try out, but maybe not one to quench your thirst. I would definitely
drink it again.

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