Saturday, August 30, 2008

Palin is Pallid

I've just had time to write about Palin being picked as VP for Mccain. 

First I had to look up who she was. 

As someone who has as much political experience as she does (I was president of my seminary class for a year) I am a little concerned. I mean, governor of Alaska? Hasn't everyone been governor of Alaska at one point or another? And she was mayor of some town nobody's ever heard of until a few days ago, not even the people who live there. Her list of experience seems scant. 

Of course, she's a good shill for the tripe the Republicans are barfing out for everyone. Pro-life. Pro-gun. Anti-homo. Pro-fucked-up-Bush-economic-policy. She seems like the perfect VP for everyone's favorite dinosaur. Limbaugh must be creaming over her. 

I don't quite understand why ole Mccain chose her, except maybe because he's feeling desperate. Does he honestly think the women who supported Clinton will get confused and vote for him? "Look, a woman! That's probably who I want!" We'll see. 

Palin will get the uber conservative crazy independent vote. And that's a key demographic I'm told. I think though that Biden will probably mop the floor with her during the elections. I can't wait to see those. 

In other news, David Duchovny is in rehab for sex addiction? That' The article says he is going to be in some show about sex addicts. I guess he went too far in getting ready for his character. I wonder why he even bothered to tell anyone. It's like releasing a statement that you have hemorrhoids or something. Gross. At least it isn't someone really old. Could you imagine hearing about Christopher Walken going to sex rehab. Gross, and creepy too. 



Alex said...

Now I'm going to have creepy nightmares about a creepy Christopher Walken. Thanks a bundle, Geoff.

Slate Knavery said...

from what i heard, limbaugh WAS creaming over her well before her selection, he was the one spanking it (by it i mean his underwhelming pink manchild) before the rest of the repressed-ub-lican mainstream had started the wank-fest (she's their 'wholesome fuck', in fantasy terms, someone they can tell their wives they do it to, whereas co-eds, t-girls, and,, just don't have the same republican political correctness if you see what i mean)