Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's Taking Up Way Too Much Time

My chair, I mean. I have de-upholstered, cut fabric, sewn together a few pieces, and should be able to start attaching everything tomorrow. I can't believe how long this has taken. If the original fabric had been in better condition it would have been faster, but I can't tell a tear from a deliberate cut. I'm really excited for it to take shape.

The whole endeavor has tired me out, and I have no energy to write in here. That and I've been watching the Olympics too much. I'm getting tired of hearing Michael Phelps's name every ten seconds. I am amazed with everyone else at how well he is doing, but there is only so much footage I can see before I get extremely bored. They even mention him during events not slightly related to swimming. I heard someone compare him to a volleyball player during a volleyball game. I mean, really...

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Alex said...

I thought the Phelps Fever would die out after the last summer Olympics where everyone was so psyched about him. Sadly, I was wrong.