Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm watching Monsoon Wedding

And it is really interesting. I knew there were huge weddings in India, but if the one in the movie is common then they must be gigantic. Humongous. This movie gives a good cross-section of people in the country. Do many families in India have servants? I like all of the Indian pop music too. 

Today I've been deliberating on whether to upgrade my cell phone or not. I could get a pretty neat-o one but I would have to sign a two year contract. I feel like it's tying me down to something for way too long. I know that the supreme court in California ruled that penalty charges for cell phones aren't legal, but I don't think that applies to here. 

I guess that's just how business works now. You can't just get something or change your mind, you have to live with your choice for all eternity. It's a phone. Just a damn phone. It shouldn't be this serious. I'll probably end up getting  a new phone, with a new contract, and everything will be fine. It's just not the way I'd do business. 

I went school shopping today, which basically means having an excuse to buy new clothes. Has anyone else noticed that it's difficult to discern who works there and who just shops there often? It's like they're all in camoflauge, I never know who to ask about shoes. It turns out I ran into someone I work with and he helped me (they ended up being girls' shoes) but once he left I was completely lost. I gave up then and paid for everything. 

There are so many bizarre little things at that store. Naturally, I love bizarre things. I bought a Yummy Breakfast keychain. These things are limited edition you know, and I could barely contain my excitement about opening it up. I got a smiling honeydew piece. It's great, and it's oh so rare. The company, Kidrobot,  sells the keychains and has a ton of other funny and bizarre things. 

Tomorrow is the first day of class. I've only got a year left before I graduate, but I'm worried that I'll be too insanely busy to do anything. I guess I'll see what happens.


Alex said...

I totally second the motion of the difficulty of figuring out who works at the store. Especially when they're not wearing name tags.
And I buy guy's shoes all the time, because those are the only ones that fit me!

Joseph Taylor said...

did you mention that you were at urban outfitters? I'm almost late for work...
Meh, I'll be there shortly:)