Friday, August 22, 2008

New Podcast: Geoff's Garden Visit

My fourth episode is now available! I'm particularly excited about this one because I did a little more producing to make it all sound better. Listen as I explore my garden and then talk to a robot. I'm proud of it. 

I'm going to start writing more conventional posts next week. I've just felt like I needed to get these out as soon as possible to get a better feel for improving quality. 


Leigh said...

i love this podcast! i miss the garden and fervently hope i'll be able to secure a spot in a garden next year.

my only problem is that the podcasts are pretty quiet - they are barely audible even when i turn my computer's volume up all the way.

question - did you squash the snail?

mummy.danger said...

Ok, I'll work on making the sound a little louder.

I squashed many a snail that day. It was crazy carnage.

Alex said...

That was really cool! Even though when I was listening to this for the first time I jumped when you said "ghostcake" in that creepy voice. :)