Friday, October 31, 2008

Lab Lull Rant

I have at most half an hour before my next subject comes into the lab so I thought I would rant. I read an article this morning that said 1 in 7 voters are still undecided about this presidential election. Seriously? What have these people been doing for the past year? Haven't they taken even a little bit of time to see what the candidates' positions on issues are? I am an Obama supporter, and I've already voted, but I respect the points of a McCain supporter as long as he/she has thought them through. The voters I hate are people who don't really pay any attention to the debates or the issues and just decide who they want to vote for in the booth. These are the jackasses who voted for Bush in 2000 and 2004 because he seemed like the moderate candidate.

I think that if you haven't made an intelligent decision about who you are going to vote for then you shouldn't vote at all. Our political system was not put in place so everyone would be forced to vote, whether they've made up their minds or not.

Another thing that pisses me off: the Proposition 8 in California. Why is it anybody's business if two gay people get married? I don't understand how anyone could oppose that except for prejudicial or religious grounds. Will gay marriage mean that honest, god fearing husbands will fag out and marry other men? Probably not. Will it lead to the destruction of our country because the birth rate will go down? With only 10% or so of the population likely to be gay, that's not going to happen.

Saying gay people should not be married because it would make someone feel uncomfortable is like saying two Black people shouldn't be married because Black people are weird.

And religious beliefs? Since when did this country become a theocracy? This is not going to deplete the numbers of blank-eyed religious swooners who pack the churches every Sunday. Damn christians think their religion is being attacked by this, but this is just another lame reactionary response from a group that is not under any threat.

So, don't be stupid. That's the lesson for today (because for some reason I've begun extolling people on virtue). And, happy Halloween.


Alex said...

I don't get angry about political things very often but Proposition 8 makes me grind my teeth when I'm sleeping. It's complete and total bullshit. Although knowing that someone thinks that because I'm gay I may unravel the very fabric of society is kind of novel and intriguing.
Your thing on undecided voters made me think of this:

That Guy said...

I'm new to this part of the blogging Universe. Your blog caught my eye.

As for Prop 8 - it is craziness.. the MAN at his peak trying to control which does not need controlling. When you strive to push something down, you just draw more attention to it, and thus attract more energy to it.. so let them bicker and bitch. Fight the good fight and ask the Universe out loud. The built up energy will give you the momentum to bring about the change you wish to create.

AS for those that choose not to know who to vote for yet.. it's called laziness and an unwillingness to commit. Same old story.

Hope to read more from you int the future.. I am still working on figuring out the podcast thing. Stop by my blog sometime. See ya there!