Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Magic Bill!

Regard my magic silver dollar bill! Revel in its majesty! Fear its unabashed power! Or, marvel at it. Whatever you'd like. 

I will tell you the wonderful story of how this magic bill came into my life. I found it. Maybe a more correct way to say it is that I paid for something and got it. Did I feel its power when I first got it? No. It was only when I tried to put it in a change machine, and it was rejected, that I knew I had something special. 

Joey thought it was fake. I was worried that I had been duped as well. When I Googled it, I was shocked to find a newspaper article about how thousands of fake bills had been put into circulation. My fears were allayed when I realized that the article was written in 1888. If they were still in circulation, those bills were freakin' old. 

This magic bill is a silver dollar note. It was issued in the 50's to make sure the dollar didn't fail. Back in the day, I could have brought that bill into a bank and received one dollar in silver. However, when the price of silver went above one dollar, the gov'ment stopped allowing this. Now the bill has the same monetary worth as a traditional dollar. But what about it's magical power?

I don't know if you are aware of this fact, but silver dollars are quite magical. King Ramses II had one, and he lived to be very very old. Benjamin Franklin had one too, and he slept with half of France. Silver dollars are the kinds of things that start make dreams come true. 

I'm not sure where this bill will take me, but I know it will be someplace fantastic. Should I be sent to space? Maybe. Will I go to Mongolia? It's likely. I just know that I should keep this magic silver dollar close to me. 

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Alex G said...

That's pretty freakin' sweet, I must say.