Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm lost

I was foolish and got on the whole blogging train too late. 

I'm totally confused about how to subscribe to other's blogs and things like that. If anyone knows how, could you help me? I'll make some origami for you.

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Garrett Sawyer said...

You first need to find Google Reader, then you must sign in with your gmail username and password if you are already not signed in.

Then, on the left of the page, once should see a link that says "Add subscription". It's underlined and it has a blue button with an addition sign on it.
After you have clicked that, type in the name of the blog you want to add in the search field then when all the choices load up click on the one you want to subscribe to.

There is also a "Discover" feature where you may search for the types of blogs you want to look for via keywords.

You can also search for blogs on google search by typing in keywords and then the words "blog" or "blogs or "vlog" after the keyword(s) etc;

I hope this helps!