Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Real (Fake) Zombie

Not the best zombie movie on Youtube, but pretty good splatter action. I used to be afraid of zombies until I learned that they would get mad cow disease (the human equivalent) if they ate your brain. That means they could eat some humans, but they would be twitching on the ground after a while. Morons, if they only knew to eat everything BUT the brains...

I am pleased to announce that is available. I might get it.

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Alex said... Best. Domain. Name. Ever.
I'm not afraid of zombies because it seems like they would be rather slow-moving, so I could at least have a bit of time to plan how I was going to take them out. That said, we don't have very many good zombie-killing implements in my house.... hm. Gotta work on that.
Also, I've watched Shaun of the Dead WAY too many times, so I've come to think of a zombie apocalypse as being kind of awesome.