Sunday, February 3, 2008

Go Soak Your Fat Head

I think it would be helpful to anyone reading this if I were to make the title of these posts to be relevant to the subject matter. Maybe next time.

It's Friday, and although I am finished with school I don't feel like going out. Partially because Joey is out of town for the night. I can't think of anything to do either. I hate clubbing, mostly because the friend I used to go dancing with moved to Iowa. I wasn't ever much of a dancer anyway. Lately, calling on friends to socialize with has been too much of a hassle as well. I think I'm more interested in going to bed early tonight.

That's what my life is while I'm in school: a trade-off between when to sleep and when to party. Lately, sleep has been losing. I should give it an unfair advantage and lie in bed with my eyes closed. Now, I'm not saying that I HAVE to go to sleep, but if I'm there...

I have stuff to do tomorrow anyway. It also gives me time to write in here about my week! It's been mostly mild, actually, although I did get into a somewhat heated discussion with my boyfriend about the dangers of religion. I guess I'm just passionate. Sometimes when I'm bored I think of arguments a religious person would come up with and how I would refute it. Yes, I'm a nerd.

I did discover some new podcasts to listen to at work. One is The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe, which is just what it seems it should be. This week's show was particularly important to me because they interviewed Bill Nye. I can remember being nine or ten and getting videos of his show from the library to watch. It was my favorite show. I feel like the show demonstrated how varied and fascinating science is. I think it's what got me interested in Anthropology and Psychology initially.

All of you physical scientists should stop what you're thinking right now. I know you're saying, "But you chose a social science. Feelings aren't as real as photons, tee hee." First of all, let me thank you for saying, "tee hee". Secondly, let me tell you that discovering the neurotransmitter that produces euphoria is way cooler than hanging out with rocks or dancing amoebas. Seriously, I think all science is great.

Ironically, after I listen to the Skeptic's Guide podcast I often listen to The Ghost Chronicles. I've always thought ghosts were interesting. I have yet to meet one, but I hope to. I used to get scared easily as a kid and I think that grew up into a fascination with spectres. I love to go to haunted houses (the ones that are filled with actors pretending to be sexy vampires and such) and I look forward to hitting some up this year. There's supposed to be an old hospital in Tooele that's been turned into a haunted house.

Next time I'll write about a more definite topic. I'm going to go eat.

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